ZWF 2022 Fire Path (Michael & Aline)

Fire Path – Michael & Aline

Come with us on this path, passing through all the main structures of your dance. Evolving as more free and complete dancers.

As the fire we will bring energy, comfort and surprises.


ZWF 2022 Water Path (Anderso & Brenda)

Water Path – Anderson & Brenda

This element of nature connects with our ability to flow. To adapt to different shapes, to allow movement to follow the organization and direction provided.
In this path we will dive into the isolations and internal flow that we do and use mostly on spot.
Elements as muscle tone, posture, silence and giving and receiving will be very explored in this path.


ZWF 2022 Air Path (Anderso & Brenda)

Air Path – Anderson & Brenda

This element of nature connects us with the most subtle energy. The air is everywhere, all the time, but to notice it , we need silence, we need perception, we need presence. The energy of air might be expanded, and after flow, it can take you to feel like you’re flying while dancing. It’s one of our favorite sensations to experience. Welcome to the subtle power of air.


ZWF 2022 Earth Path (Leo & Ana)

Earth Path – Leo & Ana

Before get ready for connect with your partner body. The first connection you must care is the connection with your own verticality. Build your balance, connection with the ground and posture are precedents of a good communication in dance.