We would like to present Zouk Wroclove Festival 🆕 T-shirt! 👕

Incredible, astonishing, stunning and… super sexy! 🔥

Our main models: Larissa Thayane, Paloma Alves and Kadu Pires will show you how to wear it with pride❗

It can be yours‼️

You just need to recommend the festival to one of your friends to receive T-shirt for free! 🆓


How to get it❓

1️⃣ Register to the event. After that you will receive an e-mail with your unique Recommendation Link.
2️⃣ Share the link with your friends or create your own discount group.
3️⃣ If we notice a new registration by using your link we will contact you by an e-mail. Depending on how many participant will register by using your link, the awards are following:

Number of recommendations Prize
1 Free T-shirt Zouk Wroclove Festival
3 Free Special Personized T-shirt Zouk Wroclove Festival with your name on the back
6 50% discount for Zouk Wroclove Festival 2020 or 2021
10 Free Full Pass for Zouk Wroclove Festival 2020 or 2021

How do you like our new T-shirt❓🤔