Zouk Wroclove Festival 2022 Rules


1. The condition of participation in parties and workshops during Zouk Wroclove Festival 2022 (which is called Event) is the acceptance of all the points written below.

2. All Participants are obligated to follow event & venue rules included in following terms & conditions.

3. Under aged Participants need the handwritten permission from their parents or caretaker.

4. Before taking part in the workshops Participants are fully aware of their health condition and state that they do not have any medical contraindication. Organizers do not take responsibility of any injuries or accidents that may occur during the Event.

5. Participants are obligated to look after their valuables. Organizers do not take any responsibility of any damage, destruction or loss of personal belongings.

6. Participation in the Event is equal with allowance he Promoter also records the proceedings of Event for documentation purposes as well as promotion and advertising of Event and events in the following years, the Promoter and sponsors. The images of persons staying at Event Venue might be recorded and subsequently broadcast for documentation, reporting, advertising or promotional purposes.


1. To attend Zouk Wroclove Festival 2022 events participants are obligated to buy Full Pass ticket or Party Pass ticket. Each one allows you to take part in events associated with your ticket. Tickets are in a form of wristbands. Wearing and presenting the event wristband during the whole festival is obligatory and non-negotiable. You are entitled to one wristband during the whole weekend of the event. It is forbidden to transfer wristbands to other people.

2. Tickets are personal. It is obligatory to fill in the form with your personal data upon purchasing the tickets on the internet. The same rules also apply to tickets bought in the ticket office during the festival.

3. Full Pass and Party Pass tickets authorize you to enter exclusively selected events and workshops associated with each ticket.

4. You can return your ticket with full return till 20th of March 2022 after purchase. If you are willing to return your ticket afterwards you will be refunded with 50% of the initial price. Refunds are realized until 1st of April 2022. After this day we cannot refund your ticket for whatever reason.

You are allowed to transfer your ticket onto another person (additional payment may be required). However it is your responsibility to find the recipient. This can be done until 20th  of May 2022. If you are willing to transfer your ticket onto another person you are obligated to inform Organizers about such action by email on Be sure to include your recipients personal data and payment confirmation.

5. If you would like to refund a ticket bought within group discount you are obligated to contact the group leader.

6. We are not sending back any confirmation emails about purchases made.

7. Upon collecting your ticket you are obligated to present a document with a photo that confirms your identity and printed confirmation of payment.

8. Group discount applies only to Combo Pass, Fullpass and Fullpass for Begginers tickets.

9. You are obligated to pay for the tickets up to 48 hours after reservation. If you fail to pay in time your reservation will be canceled. Reservation is confirmed upon receiving payment. Please take into account that banks hold transfer money for up to three days. After 20th  of May 2022 tickets will be available in the Zouk Wroclove 2022 festival ticket office exclusively.

10. You can make a workshop reservation online, with group leader or in a ticket office during the Event.

11. Organizers reserve the right to change any part of the event, schedule, instructors, workshops, times and locations without previous notice.

12. Organizers reserve the right to adjust the terms & conditions without notice at any time.


1. It is strictly forbidden to smoke or drink alcohol anywhere on the Festival area.

2. You can enter the dancefloor only in clean, designated sport shoes. Shoes with metal elements and marking shoes are forbidden.

3. People who is noticeably under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or any behaviour-modifying substance, or is behaving, or considered by Organizators likely to behave, violently, harmfully or in a manner contrary to public order and/or safety will be banned from the Festival.

4. Participants undertake to respect other people, their property and property of the events hosting place.

5. Participants are responsible of any material loses or damage they made, aware or not, to hosting events properties.

6. Filming and taking photos during the workshops and parties as well as publishing audio or visual materials without permission of organizers is forbidden. It is possible to film and take photos only after the workshops if teachers and organizers agree.

7. Organizers do not take any responsibility for personal valuables left on the events area, including coatrooms. Participants are responsible for security of their belongings.

I agree to the processing of my personal data in accordance with the Law on the protection of personal data in connection with the implementation of the application. Providing the data is voluntary, but necessary to process the query. I have been informed that I have the right to access my data, the possibility of correcting it, requesting discontinuation of its processing. The personal data administrator is Marcin Giemza.

Rules published here are just a translation of the original polish version. In case of any inconsistencies, polish version is deciding.