Before joining to the event, you must make a transaction with the terms and conditions of sale.

What is needed to take a part:
1. Registration to event (You should get confirmation).
2. Pay for the ticket according to the price
3. That’s all! Transfer confirmation is a prove of transaction (within 14 day You can get full cost return in the case of resignation).
4. There is possibility that number of available places will be limited to keep appropriate and optimal conditions for learning during workshops – in such a case, order of registration will decide about possibility of taking apart in the event.



Buying a ticket is synonymous with the terms:


When buying a ticket stand a 14-day return policy. After the 14th day from the time of purchase return will not be accepted.


The resale of stakes and exclusive markings to the streak can be made only once. There are not enough changes. The resale of pass and exchange of indications to the pass is possible only until April 20, 2021. After this date, we no longer make any changes. By changing the fee for her name or person authorized to enter the second period on April 28, 2021.


It is possible to exchange the pass type for another, if it connects to the extension of the purchased festival package. Enterprises in connection with the current commercial account. The reduction of the festival package / kind of streak is treated as a return and steel, while a 14-day return policy.