Do you dance salsa, bachata or kizomba? You are in the right place!

Discover one of most rapidly developing dance

style – Brazilian ZOUK

3 days
of workshops

20 top

40 h
of dance classes

For whom the Beginner Path is

BEGINNER Path during Zouk Wroclove Festival is 24 h of classes, including 6 h of workshops dedicated to pearsons compleatly BEGINNING, who have never danded!

Do you know other dance styles?
It’s perfect, because salsa, kizomba or bachata give ideal foundation to learn brazilian zouk! Sign in solo or in fixed couple, with some body you want to train with, spend an active weekend with us 26-29th of May and meet new, positive people!

That how it was last year!

During the previous edition over 260 people from Wroclaw, Poland and Euroe were learning and having fun with us!

Today we are expanding the beginner’s program, giving you additional alternative activities to choose from and even more opportunities to smile!

Are you ready? We start 26th of May

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Your basic block of classes is 6h Beginner Path (2 hours each day), during which you will learn the basic solo and pair steps, the most important close and far embrace, starting your partner’s turns and basic styling.

You will also learn an introduction to the most spectacular and characteristic of the Brazilian Zouk – headmovements, so “hair flicks”.

You will practice all the steps in front of the mirror imitating the instructor, and then in practice, dancing to beautiful Zouk music 🙂

As a Beginner Path participant, you also have access to Open class classes, where Zouk classes will also be conducted by other Polish pairs of instructors with the highest skills.

Location – center of Wroclaw

All dance workshops as part of the Zouk Wroclove Festival on May 26-29 take place in one spot:

La Rosa Negra Dance Studio

53-680 Wrocław
Street: Braniborska 14
Galeria Wnętrz Domar

Meet your instructor

Kunio & Pati ZouKuny they have been creating a dance couple for over 5 years.

On a daily basis, they conduct classes in Brazilian Zouk at Abra Studio in Warsaw at all levels in pairs and solo. They also teach during workshops at festivals and trips both in Poland and abroad.

Classes are conducted in a light way, effectively finding a balance between technique, dance practice and simply having fun. ZouKuny is distinguished by the extraordinary ability to convey knowledge in an accessible way, even in the most difficult elements.

Contemporary jazz, modern jazz, Brazilian zouk, yoga, stretching instructor, Blackroll Polska trainer. Multiple laureate of many, the largest dance competitions and festivals in the world, incl. in Canada, France, Portugal, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Great Britain. Her musical education and acting experience help her to dance and create choreography.

Kunio loves dancing since childhood. He has touched various dance styles over the years, with his most important development going back to 2013, when he discovered the world of latino. He especially respects contemporary dance, popping, rolling (he is an international Blackroll instructor) and stretching. Salsa and bachata gave him a strong foundation in pair dancing. In the latter style, he has performed many times in Poland and abroad as part of the Ambassada Matys Inspiracje formation.

Not enough?
We have for you up to 21h Body & Soul block!

As active dancers, we know how important dance-related development and activities prepare the body and mind for effort on the dance floor are!

That is why, as a participant in the Beginner Path, you also get admission to alternative classes such as Stretching for dancers, Acroyoga, Pranayama, Relaxing Massage and others.

Classes available under Beginner Path

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The most frequently asked QUESTIONS

Do you have doubts? Check out the most frequently asked questions!

Easy! The Beginner Path during Zouk Wroclove Festiva is designed especially for people who have never danced and for those who have already learned the Brazilian Zouk but want to refresh the basics (very good practice!)

We accept registration for classes individually (solo), so you do not have to worry about the lack of a partner, it’s our head to have someone to practice with! During classes, the instructor uses rotation, i.e. changes in pairs, but if you want to train with one person all the time, you have this choice – just take into account that your development may be slower then.

It is best to come to classes in a comfortable outfit that does not restrict your movements and sports shoes with a smooth sole. There will be time to buy special footwear or stylish T-shirts;) Everyone dance Zouk as he or she feels comfortable, some feel best in socks or completely barefoot 🙂

Each participant organizes the accommodation and travel to Wrocław on his own. The organizer is responsible for providing the place and the best conditions for learning during the classes. It is possible to buy additional dinners in the restaurant with which we cooperate during the festival. During the day of classes, there is no one designated hour for a lunch break,

The Beginner Path is built as a whole and we recommend complete beginners to take part in all 6 hours of classes (Friday, Saturday and Sunday 19:40 – 21:40). Participation in Open classes and additional classes, such as yoga or stretching, is voluntary.

Watch how our teachers dance

Piotr & Patrycja during Zouk Wroclove Festival 2021

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